The Development Reputation Headphones

It reset 5am everyday (i think is US time, not sure)

Besides, you can get free friendship points which you can monster beats used to buy card. 200 friendship point /card, and you will get 400 daily. Also, from now till some day in June, you can post it on facebook and get another 400 points daily once. That mean all together 800 points, + the original free card, everyday 5 free cards.

To get free rare card, you need to do the quest, up your level, u will have 1 ticket when you hit level 4 (not sure), 20 and 40. YOu can use that ticket to buy a legendary card

To get a rare dragon card, you need to put other user id in your invitation name, you beats by dre both will get a rare dragon card and 10,000 coins.

Mine is zeroicecool (i use cap to z, i c = ZeroIceCool), feel free to use ^.^

Yep, there is a website where you can sign up, take surveys / click ads in exchange for Rare Cards in Legends of the Cryptids

You might think that such a website is a scam, but it's all legitimate. Companies like GiftsForPoints get paid when you click their ads, and they give you custom prizes in return.

I know personally, I have gotten lots of free stuff with this website, its awesome. It does take a little bit of effort, but I guess it's all worth it.

The particular right Rolex available for you

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