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Be Active To Feel Better

Many people spend much of their day sitting. Office workers sit at their desks. Students sit at desks. Those at home may sit on the couch in their living room. They may also sit at a desk in their home office, working on an article for publication. Many of the activities that people do while sitting, such as studying or watching television, can also be done while standing. Why should you stand up?

One reason, of course, is that when you are sitting, you are not being active. Very little energy is required in order to sit. Standing, on the other hand, does require energy.

The other reason to sit less is because too much sitting can make you sleepy. You might be reading Replica Panerai Radiomir a book for a graduate-level literature class, for example. You read and read, focusing on the goal of completing it so that you can participate in the class discussion. Eventually, however, you may find yourself re-reading sections of the page you are on. You realize that you are falling asleep. Here's an idea: take a break from your reading. Step away from it for thirty minutes, and do something active. A walk would be a perfect idea for this break. You can get a good workout without using too much energy. After your walk, you should still have the energy to continue reading. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually have more energy as a result of getting some exercise, and now you can continue studying longer than you would have been able to before.

Being more active does not require a drastic change in your lifestyle. You can still enjoy your television and computer. You might simply need to make some little changes. You might work out while watching television. If you own a fitness swiss replica watches ball, there are many exercises that you can do with it. These exercises help to tone and shape your body. You can do crunches, for example, which will work the abdominal region. You can also use the ball to tone your arms and legs.

When working at your computer, consider working for thirty minutes and then stepping away for a thirty-minute break. During the break, take a walk. The walk will energize you, and the break will allow you to rest your eyes and collect your thoughts. That way, when you return to your computer after your break, you can be productive and complete you task, rather than wasting time.

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